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  • July 12, 2017

The Hotel With No Name

After finishing ‘What’s On The Moon?‘ I started writing Cloud Number Nine to release as a single, after finishing this and before releasing it as a single I wrote Calm Before The Storm; this culminated in the idea of releasing a second album rather than a single and so I set to work on the new album. I fell into the title when I went on holiday to Tenerife, whilst looking round for hotels to stay at there was a hotel that I went to look at but it had no name above the door, this resulted in the title ‘The Hotel With No Name’.

The next song I wrote was Making Up The Numbers; this song is about how in any walk of life we sometimes feel that we’re an afterthought, simply making up the numbers. After this I went on to write Walk A Mile In My Shoes, this song is my favourite from the new album; everybody thinks they’ve got it tougher than the next person. I used Logic Pro X to record the new album, I can definitely tell the difference during production with the new software because there’s a lot more going on, as you’ll find if you listen to the new album.

It has taken me about six months to complete the album which is due to be released on 17/07/17, it will be available soon to purchase from iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Store, Amazon, Apple Music and a number of other platforms. As soon as the album is available online I’ll put a notification on the blog and on my social media.

For anybody interested I’ll be having album t-shirts printed which will be for sale together with my new album.

See you at my next gig and thanks for reading,

Rik Jones


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