What Can't Speak, Can't Lie
What Can't Speak, Can't Lie

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  • What Can’t Speak, Can’t Lie

  1. Life Of Chaos
  2. It’s Alright
  3. Man Of Mystery
  4. Only A Matter Of Time
  5. Until The Wheels Fall Off
  6. She’s Got The Lot
  7. All For Show
  8. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  9. Why Make Promises
  10. Live And Learn

With this new album, What Can’t Speak Can’t Lie, I wanted to change the sound a bit. So I have tried different things for example on one of the tracks, Until the Wheels Fall Off, there is some keyboards, on another song, All for Show there is percussion. There is different things that come in and out, harmonica, piano, synthesisers, but they are there to just add a little bit of colour, or something a little bit different.

I have to come up with something a little bit different to make it not only interesting to listen to for myself, but for people who will buy it or stream it. I don’t want to make every record I do sound the same as the one before because if I did I wouldn’t enjoy it, and it keeps things interesting too.

The album title ‘What Can’t Speak Can’t Lie’ comes from a line in an episode of only fools and horses, which is my favourite program. One of my favourite songs on this record is Until the Wheels Fall Off, I think its an upbeat tune and a positive one as well, it was also one of my favourites to record for the album. Another song which is a catchy one, is the last track on the album, Live and Learn. That has a good sound to the whole thing, I love the sound of that one. I keep trying different things and see if they work, if they do, I keep them, if they don’t then I don’t use them.

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Rik Jones - live at The Echo Arena, Liverpool 05.10.16

Rik Jones – live at The Echo Arena, Liverpool 05.10.16



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Music can change lives. Whether you are having a good or bad day,

the power of music can change one’s mood.


About Rik

Rik Jones is a guitarist/vocalist who lives in Wigan, he has been playing across the North West since 2008.

Rik doesn’t use backing tracks, just live music from the heart.

Rik Jones

Rik covers artists from the 60’s to the present day and has recently started writing his own material, he has released his first solo album which he includes a few of the songs in his set. Rik enjoys any kind of music, but he does have his favourite artists which include stereophonics, oasis, The Jam/paul weller, the stone roses and many more besides. Rik has been lucky enough to support John Power from Cast, The Songbook Collective (Paul Wellers Band) and the Real People.

He has also been lucky enough to play at the Echo Arena, at a celebration of the jam. He also had the privilege to rehearse at the cavern club, with Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings from the jam.

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